When you originally place your order a user account will be created for you and you should receive an email with your username and password.

Log into My Account and click My Subscriptions Tab then click View and Cancel.  Annual recurring payment of $50 will be cancelled and your website will no longer be active once the hosting time period ends.

Dreamsspace uses Stripe and Paypal for payment processing.  These are both PCI compliant payment processors and your credit card info is never stored on Dreamsspace servers, all payment info is processed directly through Stripe or Paypal.  HTTPS connection is used on the payments site to ensure your payment information is encrypted.

The website templates can be modified if you want to hire a web developer to make the changes.  Dreamsspace doesn’t offer the service to modify any of the templates but we will work with your developer to send them the source code for your website and they can make the changes for you.

To add new music to your site simply add the new music to your soundcloud playlist that is linked to your site.  Your site will automatically update with the new songs.

To add new video simply upload your new videos to your youtube channel or youtube playlist.  The email that you have added new content and we will run a script that updates the videos on your page.