How a DJ Website Will Get You More Gigs

Branding and Presense

A great DJ brings a crowd and ignites the crowd with their music.  But in order to bring a crowd a DJ must first build their brand and reputation.  Establishing a robust online presence is key in promoting ones music career.  Your DJ website serves both as a means of promotion but is also your resume and business card.  Your website is a tool that you can use to get more fans and impress potential customers both locally and globally.


A website also helps legitimize you as a professional who has invested in their career by getting a website for their music.  If you want to see this in practice google search your favorite artists and you will see that they have websites.  Social media is a great tool and asset but having your own music website takes your business to the next level.  Having a professional looking website inspire confidence in your future clients and can help you land bigger clients as they can see you are a dedicated professional based on your commitment to setting up a website.

Stand Out of the Crowd

Having your own dedicated website helps you stand out of the crowd.  How many DJ’s have facebook pages for their music?  But how many of them have an actual website with their music…  Having your own website shows your commitment to your music as it takes more time and investment to setup a webpage then to build a facebook page.

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